Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You get on Nairobi Expressway from Moi Ave and Haile Selassie Ave, Follow Mombasa Road/A104 and Nairobi – Namanga to your destination in Kitengela.


Alternatively, take a Shuttle number, 110” Kitengela Direct “or Drive along Mombasa Road or the Express-Way and exit from the Mlolongo toll station, branch to the right, 2.9 km past Mlolongo, use the under tunnel and drive 2.9km from the tunnel and you are at Kitengela Transport City.

For the Mailitisa farms site visits are every Saturday.


For Kitengela, Nanyuki and Nakuru every Wednesday and Saturday.

We have can either call/ text us on either our contacts and social medias directly and book a slot, or go to our website and book a slot.
We then discuss the means of payment, then once you have figured out the purpose of the land commercial, agriculture or home stead we help you set up, i.e. link you up with borehole drillers, land clearers etc.
Yes, we do
We have been in business for 6 years now
Since we do not lease land, we don’t have leaseholds, we have tittle deed issued once purchase of land is completed.
Yes, we do accept payments in installments. Kindly reach out to us for further information.
We do not lease land for farming, we only sale land in minimum acreage of 5 acres at 350 ,000 per acre.
Yes, we do have local clients.